Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello Summer - The 9th Annual Maypril Fools Ride

Tomorrow is the ninth annual R.E. Load Maypril Fools Fun Ride!

The ride is akin to a scavenger hunt, riders will be given a list of stops at the start of the race with different point values assigned to them. Riders choose their own path through the ride and complete an array of strange tasks in search of prizes!

Speaking of prizes! We at Bilenky Cycle Works will be giving away a white leather Brooks saddle to celebrate our teaming with the famed company as their North American Repair Shop! Our check point is located at 1424 Carlisle  (between Reed and Dickinson, right off of 15th) Come by, get points, guess the number of peanuts in a jar, have your picture taken with a hot-dog, watch us drink beers and try your hand at winning the Brooks saddle! Be sure to bring us gifts such as more beer and traditional British cuisine as we are easily influenced by bribes!

The ride is for the entire cycling community and is completely accessible for bikes and riders of all types so we hope to have a huge turnout! Come out early and show your support for Philadelphia's booming bike scene.

The Ninth Annual R.E.Load Maypril Fools Fun Ride
Saturday, May 15th
*Registration/package pickup for pre-registered riders: 12pm
Race starts: 2pm
Entry Fee: $10 **
Maypril Fools Pre-registration

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