Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Minutia

It may still be 90 degrees out but we at BCW smell fall! With expo and 'cross season on the horizon we bravely face the daily torrential downpours. The only one who objects is Ferdinand, since the first thing a soggy cyclist wants to do on arrival at the shop is grab something big, dry, fluffy and warm which is usually him. This interferes with his framebuilding,

Budge up, Tom, I got this. 

And his secretarial work: 

Keep your hair on. You can have these papers after my nap, capishe? 

We wish Ferdinand would help with Expo planning, but when we ask he gets very busy washing and pretends we're not there. I guess he realizes how much work it is. But it's worth it! Here's just a few of the things we're looking forward to:


*The Ideal Fit - Steven LeBoyer, Serotta Fit Lab Director

*(topic to be determined) - Jan Heine, Bicycle Quarterly

*Yoga for Cyclists - Ruchama Bilenky, Certified yoga therapist and instructor

*Internal Gear Hub Panel: Exploring your Inner Gear - Rob Sherlock, NuVinci; Thomas Faust, Bilenky Cycle Works; Christopher Denoma, Shimano

*(topic to be determined) - Bike Snob NYC

*A Collector’s Perspective on Bicycle Evolution - Sam Fitzsimmons

There are also dozens of exhibitors signed up with more joining every day, a gravel ride with Fuzzy from Bike Revolutions, and the TOTALLY AMAZING VIKINGCAT that I can't share the details of yet. Also, the fashion show. Should I convince Ferdinand to model? Anyone got a cat kit? Size XXXL. 

No matter what, you should register now. Especially since the first fifty registrants get a free poster signed by yours truly which looks like this: 

They don't have helmets because it's 1950. So hush.

Life in the shop continues to be cheerfully chaotic. Tom's working on an incredibly blinged-out all stainless bike, that looks like this: 

High polish BB shell, brushed tubing. BLING!

After hours of polishing, Tom looks like this:

Hey, those threads add beard density and volume. Cool!

Seriously, wait till you see this one. In other news, we finally got stainless forkblades from Reynolds! Only eight months after they were promised (ahem). I'm especially stoked since I get to finish my stainless ultralight (finally). And those of you waiting for stainless forks can now get solid deadlines. Stainless forks all round!

FINAL NOTE! We still need Expo volunteers. Please get in contact with Bina ( ). We can't do this without you!

Happy riding and don't use cats for towels (unless you ask nicely first).