Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dog Days Aren't Over

....Unfortunately for us, though they abated long enough for me to paint (when it's over 95 degrees in the booth the paint gets lumpy and I get cranky). Fortunately there are high powered air conditioners all over the shop and everyone but Weller stays cool.

This weekend is the Rocky vs. Godzilla alleycat! It's the biggest informal race of the summer, and a lot of fun. You do it in teams of two, relay style. It's a good race for out-of-towners, since one of the partners just sprints up and down the parkway from the Art Museum to Love Park and back.

Check out the spoke card!

And the best part? The winner gets a free paint job from us. Here's what last years' looked like:

Shamelessly ripped off Justin Swain's Facebook

Sam and I are going to be racing and representin' so waft good karma at us (or rather, at me, since he doesn't need it and I'm slooooooow.)

Speaking of Sam, here is his Recommended Part of the Day. 

That there is pivotal technology seat post.

Throw out your Brooks! This is cheaper and better! Also he wants to put 48 hole radial laced front wheels on his polo bike. Since it's his birthday I am not gonna set him straight quite yet. 

It seems that despite our efforts he has not gotten any more sensible or opaque. Here he is holding a retrofitted Soma:

Yeah, I don't see him either. 

Finally, we seem to have acquired a full keg of Yards but no tap. Anyone want to lend us a tap? Your reward will be lots and lots of Yards. 

Speaking of beer, it's Friday and I am OUT of here! Here's some hand detailing to start your weekend off right.