Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Biggest Bikes and the Pinkest Hats

A pair of small Australians ordered a couple of bikes recently. This isn't too unusual, since we ship bikes all over the globe, often in groups of about two. But these bikes were special.

At first the looked like bridges:

Here, Bob is attacking one.

Then they started looking like dinosaurs.

Here, one is attacking Brian. Look out!

Now they are looking pink and green, respectively. They are made to ride on beaches and transport surfboards. The rims are four inches wide. They are, fortunately, herbivores. I will put more pictures up when they're done. 

We've acquired a new intern. His name is Sam and he is translucent. 

"Lights are unsafe! Helmets are unsafe! Brakes are unsafe!" 

Hopefully his sojourn here will lend him some common sense, as well as opacity.

We've also acquired a bunch of sweet Bilenky hats. It's a limited edition and going fast, so call us up to order yours ASAP. 

Here's one on Carl:

And looking epic, too.

Here's one on me:

Get that camera away from me!

Here's one on Kasy's front rack:

Don't ask what's all over his bars. 

Bilenky hats look great on everything. 

If you happen to live in NYC, you should go to the New Amsterdam Bike Show this Saturday. We'll be representin'. 

I better scram. Shop's a little full right now:

We're chipping away, slowly but surely....

See you in NYC!