Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We need your help!

So! We are applying for Mission: Small Business which is a $250, 000 grant for eligible small businesses. In order to qualify we need to rack up 250 votes by Friday. We know you won't let us down! Here's the link.  Follow it, scroll down sign in via Facebook, and cast your vote. Also, please share with everyone you can think of.

If we get the grant I want to put in a green roof with a goat on it.

I thought I made this up! 

Our SERIOUS goals will be posted on the Mission: Small Business website in the next few days. These include switching to more sustainable energy sources (wind, solar) increasing our staff, increasing our space, getting more involved in the community, and a woodchuck sanctuary. 

What else are we doing in these long Summer days?

Getting our beauty rest, that's what!

We're making two nearly identical viewpoints for a French film production. It appears to be about a little boy with cerebral palsy who competes in the French Ironman with his papa. Beyond that, the language barrier has shrouded further description. Also, who knew the French Ironman was a thing? We'll keep you posted!

Here is our loudest bike to date: 

Its effect is positively blinding.

Both the owner and Naomi are totally gone on Wonder Woman, so this is a culmination of decades of devotion. Also, it is reflective. 

I must cut this post short, since bikes must be finished so tours can be toured. And cast that vote!  Ferdinand says so:

Cast your vote so I eat goat.

Thanks so much!