Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Expo Countdown!

It's almost that time! The armory is rented, the booths are just about sold out, and the seminar schedule is beginning to get finalized. Everyone is stoked of course, but event planning is SO much harder than framebuilding. We're all very grateful to Bina for doing most of it.

Hmm, Ferdinand just gave me a dirty look and jumped off my lap. We're all very grateful to Bina AND Ferdinand for doing most of it. Ok, fine. ALL of it. Geez, cat.

Lumbering off to scare pigeons to death

If you need yet another reason to get excited, this will be your first opportunity to see Steve struttin' down the catwalk in the expo fashion show. I TOLD you he was getting into modeling! 

Soon to be on the cover of Belarussian Vogue

Tom said he'd only model if he could wear a tutu, but when I suggested it to the lovely and hardworking fashion students organizing the event, they were not amused. For the record, this will be your first, last, and only chance to see me in a miniskirt and a Bandbox helmet. Plan accordingly. 

So me!

The alleycat, which is still confidentially awesome, is all planned out too. The rout is fairly direct, so intrepid out of towners won't be unduly handicapped. On that note, I NEED VOLUNTEERS! Your job will be to hang out at checkpoints and watch racers do goofy/epic things. There will be beer. And free entry to the expo. Email me at toduellist@yahoo.com . Thanks! I know you all won't let me down. 

Spokecard epicness!

Even with all the planning and bike wrangling, we did manage to get out to Connecticut where the inestimable J. P. Weigle hosts his yearly French Fender Day.

French Fenders for DAYS!

We looked at thoroughly overwrought vintage bikes and chatted with their incredibly well informed owners. I realized that ninety percent of the conversation would make exactly no sense to a non-bike nerd. It was nice.  

Oo la la

Thanks to the gallant Mr Weigle for having everyone over. His shop (and bikes) are AMAZING. 

See any dirt? Me neither. 

Which reminds me, all this expo planning means that no one has swept in ages. I think it might be time...

See you all on the 27th!