Thursday, February 28, 2013

NAHBS Recap! We came, we saw....

Well that was fun! We're still reeling from amazing bikes, thin air, amazingly nice people, too much beer, too much snow... According to the airplane announcer guy, Denver is sunny 300 days of the year. According to me, it's kind of slushy. But there are actual mountains all around, and that makes it worthwhile.

All the bikes took the train:

ALL THE BOXES ARRIVED. Miracles can happen. 

And then those 12 grubby boxes became this:

So tidy.
And then Steve did this:


Note the pink vest. I'm waiting for our official shop photo with ALL our beautiful studded vests on display to turn up. Tom and Kasy didn't like wearing theirs at all, but Steve stood out like a hot pink glittering beacon all weekend. And the woodchuck got drunk:

The beer is called Old Chub

And passed out at like three PM: 

This is just embarrassing. 

We were honored to win the ribbon for best lugs! All those hours of cutting, flowing and polishing paid off:

AND moody lighting

We got a ton of awesome press, too. I can't sufficiently express how thrilled and humbled we all are by everyone's kind words. 

Here's a slightly mortifying blurb about me (of course this would be the weekend I had roadrash on my FACE)

Here's one from CXMagazine, about our SUPERFAST Baltimore Bullet 'cross bike. 

Some GREAT pictures from Bicycle Times.

MORE great pictures from BikeRumor.

There's more, but you get the idea.One of the great things about these shows is that all the builders from around the country (and world!) get to hang out and trade ideas and gripe and draw an already tight community tighter. We don't often  get to let our dork flags fly quite so flamboyantly! I'm writing a much longer recap on my own blog, if anyone's interested.

And now we're back, with bikes to build and a website to redo and a woochuck to resuscitate. Again, it was great seeing old friends, making new ones, and drooling on pretty bikes. And next year NAHBS will be in Charlotte! Bike trip, anyone?




Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NAHBS Countdown!

So the lot of us are rolling off to Denver for NAHBS with piles and piles of boxes, three singles, a tandem,  two frames and a woodchuck. Ferdinand will be having a holiday in South Philly, as the shop will be closed. We thought about bringing him along, but we hear there are mountain lions in Colorado and we don't want him to feel little and develop a complex.

Don't worry Big Man, everyone on the East Coast is smaller!

Bikerumor wrote a nice blurb about us. Thanks, Bikerumor! 

We're super stoked to see all our favorite bike nerds and meet new ones. We'll have a whole bunch of merch, some old, some new, and some seriously blinged-out bikes. 

                                                    BLING! That's going to go on a fork.

We also have two Amazing NAHBS Specials (tm). Number One...

Please order cool looking bikes!

And Number Two, which is kind of on the down low, so there isn't even a graphic. BUT! If you bring a live, healthy woodchuck to the Bilenky Booth, we'll build you a frame. Extra points for a good mannered woodchuck. And doped woodchucks will be disqualified at once. And be advised that it's your responsibility to bring the 'chuck back to his hole after the show-- we do not want to be responsible for a Colorado Woodchuck Plague.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand's intern is engaged in mysterious preparations:

But why? You ask. Why not! We say.

In any case, we will be recognizable. 

So see you there and safe travels to those who are traveling. Do you know how HARD it is to keep Steve from packing excess bikes? (We only got a 10X10 booth). I know he's gonna try to slip a cargo bike or two in among the luggage. Not on my watch! 

Westward Ho!*


*By which I mean the exclamation, not the quaint little town that apparently exists in Somerset, UK. It even has a ! at the end. Who knew?