Monday, July 23, 2012

Shark Week Special!

You thought the humble woodchuck was our favorite animal, didn't you? Well, you'd mostly be right, especially considering who our boss is:

I will never get tired of this picture.

However, this is the time of year to honor our toothy underwater friends, along with our furry underground ones: SHARK WEEK!


Here's how it works: 
*You call up with your deposit ASAP (we're only taking ten bikes- first come first served).
*You get us your frame by August 9th (all titanium frames are welcome).
*We cut, fit and weld in your couplers.
*Your bike will be on its way back to you by August 18th.
*You get $100 off! 

What's not to like? We guarantee that no more than two frames will come back with a shark in the tubing-- that's pretty good odds, right there.  

For those of you afraid of sharks, we will get back to our regularly scheduled woodchuck-related specials shortly. 

Meanwhile, we're already kicking into serious gear for the expo. Races must be planned, food trucks must be booked, eccentric framebuilders must be coaxed out of their hermitages. And we need volunteers! Ferdinand says so. 

Yo. Do I look like I can do everything myself? Huh?

If you want to avoid the wrath of the cat and help us out, email Bina: . 

AND, here's a sneak look at what is going to be THE coolest alleycat in the history of alleycats:

Vikings always ride trikes, didn't you know that?

There might even be sharks.