Monday, January 14, 2013

Belated thanks for not dying! And pre-spring cleaning.

Happy 2013, everyone! And thanks again for killing it (but not yourselves) at the Junkyard race. I still don't quite know how we had 152 racers, 1,100 beers, one EMT (thanks Anthony!) and no disasters. Here's a great recap from RideTheJawn . Seemed like everyone had a go-pro this year which is great because I got to experience the scary parts without riding them.

Also, where did those blow-up dolls come from? Anyone?

Next year we're gonna connect this event with the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships which are COMING TO PHILLY so make sure you're around next December because it will be amazing.

Now that the last ton of sand has been shoveled into a pile (does anyone want two and a half tons of sand?) we're back to production under the eyes of our laser cat master:

He only LOOKS like he sleeps 20 hours a day

We're making wiggly bikes,
Squirmy bugger kept getting away

Tiny bikes, 

Too small for Steve!

And really excessively big tandems: 

 700c, Baby.

In order to make room for heightened production and because the cat boss wants unobstructed sight lines for his laser beams, we're trying to get rid of some of the stuff that Steve we've been accumulating for years. Some is brand new; some is vintage. All is cool. The first round is up on Ebay now, keep checking back.

There will also be a calendar and a new Brazin' Woodchuck t-shirt in the near future. We be busy!

And because people keep asking us what we think of the Lance Armstrong debacle, here's our statement:

We knew it all along ferchrissakes. Now just get his smug mug off the news and the internet because the only fitting punishment is to ignore him forever. Also, Bradley Wiggins is awesome.*
                                                                ---The BCW Celebrity Doping Control Board

Case closed. 

Keep warm, ride safe, and may 2013 have so many bikes in it that you need to buy another shed. 


*If our man Wiggins turns out to be doping we are all going to buy hummers and Steve will shave his beard.