Thursday, May 26, 2011

This past weekend was pretty epically epic. Everyone was doing a different bikey event (except for Weller, who was sleeping.)

Bob was riding the Rapha race, avoiding goats, and being tough:

I'm going to try to make him sit still long enough to do an interview about it.

Steve and Bina were staying clean at Dirtfest:

Look! An off grid turbo-charged pizza oven!

And I was riding around Kensington in a cardboard Viking ship:

Watch out for the Biking Hordes, we will pillage you.

We're going to take Memorial Day weekend to recharge, ride places and get sunburned, and THEN...

In which everyone rides tipsily around to watch first rate teams zipping up Manayunk hills like it's nothing.

This year is particularly special, since we are proudly sponsoring the first Steel/Vintage section of the Philadelphia Amateur Time Trials. The men's and women's winners will get a custom steel fork, by us. Exciting!

If you never thought your beloved old classic would get to race, now's the time.

I considered signing up for a minute, then I considered how I'd look in a time trial helmet, and didn't. 

Not gonna happen.

Though considering the retro spirit of the thing, maybe I could get away with one of these:


Anyway, we'll all be there so stop by and say hello, racing or not. 

Happy Summer!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to the races!

Tomorrow is a Big Deal. Our intrepid Bilenky Tandem team is heading into the wilds of the Lehigh Valley (and, more troubling, its surrounding mountains) to ride in the grueling but polite Rapha Gentlman's Race.

Here is a video about it. No one connected with this race ever gets dirty.

Bob's spent the past few days putting together three racing machines from all the random tandems we have lying around. I went on a short spin on one yesterday. Bob is not a scary captain at all (but then, all the other guys I've ridden with have been TERRIFYING captains, so maybe Bob is just less terrifying.)

Another team member visited yesterday, the inimitable Sally Poliwoda of Sturdy Girl Cycling. She founded Sturdy Girl, which is Philadelphia's premier women's cycling club, back in 2003. She's been riding for 20 years, specializing in long distance.

Here she is, trying to convince a skeptical Bob that we are In It To Win It.

Also joining the team is Pat Engleman,

We hope he doesn't try to get this rad on a tandem.

And Michelle Lee:

We retrofitted her Serotta!
Here's a quote from her website: 
.... I can beat you up a hill in my big chainring, but I've got a problem with gravity-aided motion. That means you'll probably choke on the fumes of my smouldering brakes as you pass me on the way down...
And Caroline Gaynor:

Even her kit is carbon fiber?

"She has also been competing in triathlons for over 10 years and stair climbing (Empire State Building) races since 2007.  This summer, Caroline raced as a guide for a blind athlete in Ironman Lake Placid, having been given only five weeks to prepare. She and her athlete were the first blind female athlete/female guide pair to ever complete an Ironman triathlon..."
And finally Brian Gatens who is so mysterious that we don't even have a photo of him, but the internet hints at Ironman triathlons, fancy races, and possible James Bond-like urbanity. Hopefully he will become visible by the start line.

If you're staying in Philly this weekend you should come out for the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and watch me ride through a mudpit (Kensington KNOWS mud.) Look for the angry possum.

Have a great weekend, and GO TEAM BILENKY!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Events Events Event Events!

May is the bikiest month indeed. Everything is happening at once, and there aren't enough of us to go around. It was great to see old friends and new faces at the parts swap, and that was only the beginning. Here's a crib sheet:


Head north for the Brooklyn Bike Jumble, say hi to Steve, and PLEASE buy all those wheels that are STILL oozing towards my area in an inexorable spokey tide.


If you're staying in Philly, go to the epic Neighborhood Bike Works benefit alleycat, The Works I. We are a proud sponsor, so now's the time to try for that free paint job everyone's always bugging me about. Tons of prizes, fun race, great afterparty, and the best company in the world.

Be there, bring a spare.


Some of us will be heading down to the Classic Rendezvous in Greensboro NC. We'll have some super fancy items on display, including a gold-leafed Motobecane and Steve's beard. So come and indulge your unhealthy obsession with stunning, old school steel.


Unfortunately I won't be there-- I will be at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, piloting something awesome. Not gonna say what it is though. You'll have to come and see. 

Awesome like this!

Meanwhile, Bob is off to ride in the Rapha Gentleman's race. Go Bob!

Here he is, doing some serious training

MEANWHILE, we'll also be at Dirtfest, thinking about mountain bikes and mud. 

Who needs teeth, anyway?

How, you ask, are we going to be at all those places at once?  I don't know! But we will. Defying minor obstacles like logic is a specialty at Bileny Cycle Works.  Especially in the spring. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

What are YOU doing this weekend?

...Because if you are anyone who is ANYONE you'll be at the Trexlertown Swap Meet, which is actually called the Valley Preferred Cycling Center Spring Flea Market (everyone calls it the Trexlertown Swap Meet, though)

Our bleary, barely conscious, up-at-six selves will be selling REALLY AWESOME STUFF. Like, a couple of frames, our few remaining pink hats, shirts, various fancy doo-dads, and about eight hundred wheels which I really hope find buyers because they are slowly marching their inexorable way into MY AREA.

There'll also be a viewpoint on display, as well as a fancy dog themed mountain bike. Definitely worth a drive. And there's beer, too.

In other news, we actually finished those Pugsley-wheel monster dinosaur bikes in time! We had about two hours to spare, since their owners' Australian visas were running out.

Here is Steve, with the female:

Wait! Come back! It's done!

Built up, they got even bigger:

The dots on the rims are rhinestone peace signs, in case you were wondering

And here's one fully loaded:

That is a surfboard on the back, yeah.

It's thrilling that our bikes, fabricated in North Philadelphia, are heading out to ride over beaches on the other side of the world. 

There are lots and lots of other events coming up this month. I'll keep you posted. 

See ya'll at the swap!