Friday, May 13, 2011

Events Events Event Events!

May is the bikiest month indeed. Everything is happening at once, and there aren't enough of us to go around. It was great to see old friends and new faces at the parts swap, and that was only the beginning. Here's a crib sheet:


Head north for the Brooklyn Bike Jumble, say hi to Steve, and PLEASE buy all those wheels that are STILL oozing towards my area in an inexorable spokey tide.


If you're staying in Philly, go to the epic Neighborhood Bike Works benefit alleycat, The Works I. We are a proud sponsor, so now's the time to try for that free paint job everyone's always bugging me about. Tons of prizes, fun race, great afterparty, and the best company in the world.

Be there, bring a spare.


Some of us will be heading down to the Classic Rendezvous in Greensboro NC. We'll have some super fancy items on display, including a gold-leafed Motobecane and Steve's beard. So come and indulge your unhealthy obsession with stunning, old school steel.


Unfortunately I won't be there-- I will be at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, piloting something awesome. Not gonna say what it is though. You'll have to come and see. 

Awesome like this!

Meanwhile, Bob is off to ride in the Rapha Gentleman's race. Go Bob!

Here he is, doing some serious training

MEANWHILE, we'll also be at Dirtfest, thinking about mountain bikes and mud. 

Who needs teeth, anyway?

How, you ask, are we going to be at all those places at once?  I don't know! But we will. Defying minor obstacles like logic is a specialty at Bileny Cycle Works.  Especially in the spring. 

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