Friday, May 6, 2011

What are YOU doing this weekend?

...Because if you are anyone who is ANYONE you'll be at the Trexlertown Swap Meet, which is actually called the Valley Preferred Cycling Center Spring Flea Market (everyone calls it the Trexlertown Swap Meet, though)

Our bleary, barely conscious, up-at-six selves will be selling REALLY AWESOME STUFF. Like, a couple of frames, our few remaining pink hats, shirts, various fancy doo-dads, and about eight hundred wheels which I really hope find buyers because they are slowly marching their inexorable way into MY AREA.

There'll also be a viewpoint on display, as well as a fancy dog themed mountain bike. Definitely worth a drive. And there's beer, too.

In other news, we actually finished those Pugsley-wheel monster dinosaur bikes in time! We had about two hours to spare, since their owners' Australian visas were running out.

Here is Steve, with the female:

Wait! Come back! It's done!

Built up, they got even bigger:

The dots on the rims are rhinestone peace signs, in case you were wondering

And here's one fully loaded:

That is a surfboard on the back, yeah.

It's thrilling that our bikes, fabricated in North Philadelphia, are heading out to ride over beaches on the other side of the world. 

There are lots and lots of other events coming up this month. I'll keep you posted. 

See ya'll at the swap!


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