Thursday, May 26, 2011

This past weekend was pretty epically epic. Everyone was doing a different bikey event (except for Weller, who was sleeping.)

Bob was riding the Rapha race, avoiding goats, and being tough:

I'm going to try to make him sit still long enough to do an interview about it.

Steve and Bina were staying clean at Dirtfest:

Look! An off grid turbo-charged pizza oven!

And I was riding around Kensington in a cardboard Viking ship:

Watch out for the Biking Hordes, we will pillage you.

We're going to take Memorial Day weekend to recharge, ride places and get sunburned, and THEN...

In which everyone rides tipsily around to watch first rate teams zipping up Manayunk hills like it's nothing.

This year is particularly special, since we are proudly sponsoring the first Steel/Vintage section of the Philadelphia Amateur Time Trials. The men's and women's winners will get a custom steel fork, by us. Exciting!

If you never thought your beloved old classic would get to race, now's the time.

I considered signing up for a minute, then I considered how I'd look in a time trial helmet, and didn't. 

Not gonna happen.

Though considering the retro spirit of the thing, maybe I could get away with one of these:


Anyway, we'll all be there so stop by and say hello, racing or not. 

Happy Summer!


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