Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Colors of Summer

Tomorrow is Solstice! That means that we are headed on a top secret pilgrimage to Stonehenge, where we will besmear ourselves with woad, ritually sacrifice mistletoe and wrens, and lay in a box full of water with rocks on us while composing poetry*, all to propitiate the framebuilding gods. Don't believe me?

So there!

On our return we will turn out bikes like this in under a week:

Tubing culled from the holy grove at midnight....

In the meantime, as we wait for our mystical rejuvenation, we turn out things like this:

I actually really enjoyed painting dancing eyeballs. Anyone else want a dancing eyeball or three?

Back on the home front, life goes on in its usual cheerfully untidy way, only hotter. Here's some things to look out for:

The NYC Bicycle Film Festival is featuring a film about our own junkyard cross! Look for us at the street festival this weekend.

In New York, everyone comes in easily disassembled sections, much like a tinker tandem.

We are in the experiment phase with a new and fancy type of paint that is guaranteed NOT TO SCRATCH OR CHIP OR ANYTHING. Keep an eye out, hopefully we'll soon have an option for polo bikes, travel bikes, and mountain bikes that tend to get beat up fast. Steve has offered one of his bikes as a guinea pig. He doesn't know that he is getting a graphic of rabid bike eating beavers on the headtube yet. But he will. 

Run away! Run away!

Believe it or not, the Bike Expo in October is already on our minds. Check out the website here. If you want to reserve a booth, give a seminar, or volunteer, give us a call. It's never too early. 

And thinking about October takes our minds off how miserably HOT it is. Brooks saddles left in direct sunlight for an hour and then sat on = BAD IDEA. 

Cheers! Keep cool!


*I didn't make any of this up. The druids totally did, though. 

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