Monday, June 27, 2011

Films! Films!

Steve came back all glowing from the Stonehenge Solstice Ritual NYC Bike Film Festival. Despite missing the Junkyard Cross movie (we all missed it, actually. Did anyone see it? Is it awesome?) he had a great time and brought back a ton of pictures. 

There were epic BMXers,

Riding up things and then down things.

Little Bromptons,

The Bentley of Foldies.

Patriotic Hipster Trick Track Bikes,

Breaking collarbones for the USA.

A bike towed pole dancer, 

Note the helmet. So safe!

And Steve's favorite, tiny little bike part jewelry! 




In other film news, you should come to the World Cafe Live on Wednesday to watch Bicycle Dreams, an epic film about racing across America in ten days. 

I feel wussy just looking at that picture.

Here is the invite. Watch the film, feel wussy, drink cheap Sierra Nevadas, and try your luck at winning some sweet Schwalbe tires we'll be raffling off. Not everyone thinks riding 32,00 miles in ten days is a good idea, but pretty much everyone thinks nice tires are good to have. There'll be a lot of other swag, too! 

See y'all there.


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