Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Update!

Happy spring from the grimy crew at Bilenky! As the weather warms we are removing our winter clothes for the first time in months, shooing the hibernating animals out of our hair and beards, and considering carrying our fifty pound snow bikes into the basement at last. My hat has turned pink from excitement.

It was a black beret all winter

Spring brings announcements, some exciting, some bittersweet. In the latter category is Simon's departure to start his own brand, Hanford Cycles. I did a longer story about it on my Wheelgrinders blog. We all wish Simon the best of luck and miss his noisy presence (but NOT the BBC Radio 4. Not even a little.)

CXHairs came by the other day to work on a documentary on our Junkyard Cross. They're going to show it in the Bicycle Film Festival!

Here's one of last year's winners looking contemplative

Also, we have an unprecedented number of demos and display models for sale. If you want a Bilenky and don't want to wait, now's your chance. 

Oh to be a few inches taller

NAHBS was a success as always. Our ridiculously fancy mixte won best lugs, and impressed everyone with its overwrought majesty.

Thanks to Urban Velo for the studio shot

Look for us at the San Diego Bike Expo next month, too. 

Steve would like to add that he left two bananas in his bag and they totally mummified, without leaving any banana slime anywhere.

It's a good omen!!

So here's hoping for a good spring full of new ventures, shiny bikes, adventures, and panniers unsullied decaying organic matter.