Monday, June 7, 2010

RE-LOAD Product review

While stopping by the new RE-Load studio last week to meet with Carie from Fabric Horse, I picked up a pair of RE-Load's venture into the world of foot straps. I replaced the pedals on my commuter, a globe roll 2 retrofitted (at Bilenky of course!) with Odyssey platforms, put on my new straps and the streets of Philadelphia for the TD bike race this past Sunday.

The RE-Load Lockdown Foot Straps feature 2" wide heavyweight nylon webbing uppers, covered with 1000D cordura and finished with edge trim. 1" nylon lower straps. Completely adjustable via multiple layers of sandwiched UltraMate™ velcro and a nickel-plated D-Ring connector.

To say that the change was one of the best additions I've made to my bike since getting it, is an understatement.

The comfort of the straps, the ease in which you can get into them (seemingly in any type of footwear) and their stylish design make it well worth the $47 dollar price tag. (Which is below the industry price point for similar products)

I headed to Lemon Hill for cheap beer and to watch the race, there I found Roland and made sure to tell him how happy I was with the edition to my bike! He said he was glad to hear it, and than handed me a cold beer...Great guy...Great Product.

Check out for more information regarding the straps, as well as information regarding all of their other products handmade here in Philadelphia.

Raymond Hanstein

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