Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Designs

Steve loves winter. He seems crestfallen when his beard HASN'T turned into a beardsicle on his ride in.

Go Steve go!

He likes grey skies, early evenings, and the AMAZING light that sometimes graces the junkyard:

Trees gilded with the blood of cross racers past...

Then he inexplicably goes upstate where it's even colder and eats baked potatoes. 

Bikes, farm shows, it's all good...

Naomi deals with winter by being a yeti,

The impermeable power suit

The rest of us just grow beards and gripe. Bina wrote a great article for Embrocation about every cyclist's favorite season. Here it is. 

Besides the usual bike building, we're working on a new look for our 2012 bikes. We will have a new line of stock colors (although your beloved 'Dirty Possum' and 'Lizard Sex Green' will still be available). I came up with some new headbadge concepts. Here's one:

A vinyl take on the metal headbadge.

And another one:
A vinyl take on another metal headbadge.
And my favorite one!
Just a sketch. But you get the idea.

Steve doesn't like the idea of putting his face on his bikes. So I'm punting it to you, dear readers. Would YOU ride a bike emblazoned with the Head of the Steve? Let us know in the poll at the upper right. Vote well, vote often! 

Keep warm, ride safe, and happy belated New Year. 


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