Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

As some of you may have noticed, our website looks different. As some more of you may have noticed, it works! No more re-directing to pages from 2003 (although they may still be floating around in cyberspace somewhere, no one can remember the necessary passwords). One of the biggest changes is a readable, functional store that functions. 20th Century, here we come! Steve even has an iPhone.

Our Official Awkward NAHBS Family Portraits are out!

I should have made a vest for the 'chuck. I am a rotten rodent wrangler.


HOW did no one bring us a live woodchuck? Not one? Woodchucks are so eminently smuggleable, all you have to do is give them a few shots of bourbon and they sack out for hours in the nearest box. 

Like this!

Well it's your loss, next time you have to smuggle in a woodchuck that looks exactly like Jacques Anquetil if you want your free Bilenky! 

Also, Tom and Kasy don't want their vests. I'm gonna put em on Ebay, but I figured I'd give our faithful fans a chance to make us a first offer. They're both medium-ish. Tom's says 'love' on the back in glittery sequins and has hearts on the front. Kasy's is more conservative. Both have giant BCW patches on the back. HOW CAN YOU RESIST?

Meanwhile, we have rearranged the office, tried to tidy up the shop (ha. ha.) and made a significant dent in our bike queue. Ferdinand is having none of it: 

You can have these files when I'm good and ready.

 But check out this tandem! 
29er Ti Crazybike

And I leave you with a lovely video from one of our customers. These bikes are currently in for retrofits. We love facilitating globetrotting! 

 Ok, wanderlust ignited...

Also? Spring Classic season? Who's stoked?


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