Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

April is the cruelest month according to some English guy with a hipster beard, but for us it is deceptively calm. We're cranking out bikes with a certain quiet desperation, so they're ready for the onslaught of MAY. Here's your abbreviated pre-May cheat sheet so you mark your calendars, should you want to.

May 4th-- Velofest at Trexlertown (or as everyone calls it, The Swap) A couple of us will be there selling Cool Stuff, which you should buy because our shop is absolutely lousy with Cool Stuff and it's getting on Isis' nerves (ahem).

May 3-4th-- Bike Expo New York, in New York. Keep Steve and some bikes company at Pier 36. Fellow exhibitors will be everything from Dahon to Lifeway Kefir.

May 17-19th is the fun and nerdy Cirque Du Cyclisme down in Leesburg VA. If you're at all into old bikes, fancy bikes, or old fancy bikes, this is THE PLACE.

We'll keep you updated as more stuff comes along; right now this is the Big Three.

What else?

This year's Expo is going to be in the Philadelphia Convention Center!!

That shiny thing behind the paintbrush
It is going to be so shiny and awesome! While we'll miss the grandeur of the Armory, we'll enjoy the lack of darkness and coldness (and so will you). 

On a side note, if you manage to bring the drip under the paintbrush to the Bilenky Booth during the Expo we'll give you a sweet prize and our undying gratitude because that thing is.....


BMXers who keep riding up it, we approve. 

Speaking of sculptures and sculptors, it has come to our attention that Steve is Auguste Rodin. 


We know now, Auguste! You couldn't hide forever! We expect all the bikes to come complete with writhing little bronze people, ok? And don't let us catch you sculpting paint drips. 

See you all in May!


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  1. Not sure T.S. Eliot ever had a hipster beard... sported some serious chin, though.
    Speaking of beards, I hope Steve will dye his to match the paint brush.

    -Dennis Flange