Sunday, April 18, 2010

Across the sea and around the city.

We at Bilenky Cycle Works know that there is a world of good product being produced everyday, so it never falls short on us when what we do at BCW has the spotlight put on it. We'd like to thank Loop magazine, fixed gear girl Taiwan and prolly is not probably for their recent write ups regarding the San Diego show last week. You can check out their sites at the links posted below.

Yesterday was the "Rally in the Vally" presented by the PMBA. Over two hundred people came out to show their support for the PMBA. It is the the associations biggest fundraiser all year and we were glad that it went so incredibly well. The PMBA is a wonderful non-profit organization that focuses on trail restoration and creation in Philadelphia. 98 cents on the dollar of all money made goes directly to the trails! We look forward to working with them on the upcoming Philadelphia Bike Expo.

Speaking of The Philadelphia Bike Expo, a proper announcement regarding the event along side the launch of the official website is currently in the works. The event is going to play host to a number of events, panels, companies, rides and parties. It is our hope to create the premier event for cycling in our region.

If you are interested in more detailed information you can reach us with any questions @ or

Thanks as always!


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