Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Philadelphia or Bust on a Bilenky!

Janika Eckert is a road warrior. After seeing an article in Bicycling Magazine on 5 custom frame builders, in which each builder made a particular kind of bike for 5 different staff writers, she decided she needed a Bilenky. In the article Joe Kita selected us to make him a loaded touring bike. The article and the bike resonated so much so with Janika that she contacted us and work began on Janika’s bike.

Janika lives in Maine with her husband Rob Johnston where they run a company called Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

On Monday Janika and Rob graced us with their company at the shop for a second time. (once before in 2002). The pair rode over 500 miles from Maine to Philadelphia to visit friends and to visit us at the shop!

We had a chance to sit and chat for a while during lunch, and to say that the couple is a pleasure is a great understatement. We at Bilenky Cycle Works would like to thank Janika and Rob for their continued support over the years and we wish them happy travels throughout their stay in the area and on their return trip home to Maine.


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