Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nothing says holidays like pneumatic clamps and see-saws...

Happy Winter from Bilenky!
It's definitely cold. Simon has grown a beard, Bob's water bottle froze on the way to work, Kasy has finally switched from shorts to long pants, and my beret collection has reached epic proportions (Carl's Christmas socks, however, have disintegrated).

So much has happened since we posted last-- the Expo was a huge success, drawing crowds of bike enthusiasts who staggered through the Armory on aesthetic overload. Can you blame them? Here's just a few of the amazing things on display:

Gorgeous Bohemian Track Bike

                                        Custom Engin stem

Really good free coffee+Citroen van+JP Weigle restored Motobecane= PERFECTION

                                                           Freestyle Demos

Sweet accessories from Fabric Horse

Neighborhood Bike Works kept visiting bikes out of trouble

It was a great experience for everyone, and we're already selling booths for next year. Thanks to our sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and attendees for putting together something amazing.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction honored us with a show in their gallery. Here are some videos, with our camera-shyness artfully edited out.

This morning Simon turned up with a pile of pneumatic clamps from  the closing Cannondale factory in Bedford PA.
Run away! Run away!

 One of them immediately took a bite out of Ray's finger, so I'm skeptical.

It's 'Cross season, and THAT means Carl has been out mucking around in the freezing mud to construct our Junkyard Cross course.

"I've always wanted to build trails..."

So far we have two dirt singletracks, a death-defying slide down a gas tank, and a see-saw. And lots of beer and a bonfire for those of us who are wusses don't want to get our pretty bikes all muddy.

In the music world, Stephen's latest album is out to a great review, and was chosen as one of the top ten local albums of the year. Go Notekillers!

Thanks to everyone for your support, keep warm, and hope to see you at the 'cross!


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