Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good bye and Thank you.

With 2010 coming to an end, we couldn't help but take a moment to think back on the past year and all that it encompassed. 2010 was a year of success, growth and hardship.

First- the success. The first Philadelphia Bike Expo was a huge success and we at the expo COULD NOT have done it without the help of our volunteers, attendees, exhibitors and the BCW staff. It was our hope to create an event that we, the city and all involved could be proud of, and we think we did that with this event. It is not lost on us who made it what it was and we can not thank you enough!

Next- the growth. The BCW Junkyard race was with out a doubt, the most successful installment of the event yet! We had NO IDEA of the turn out that we were going to recieve and we were gladly overwhelmed. With that being said, next year will feature more races, more prizes and ....MORE BEER! 

We at BCW would like to thank everyone who supported, raced and attended. We had a blast, we do this for both you and us and we are so glad that it is appreciated, and that everyone has such a wonderful time.

Third- the hardships. 

Some of you may or may not be aware, but a mainstay at BCW suffered from a terrible accident when preparing the course for the Junkyard race. Englishman, bike builder and resident Indian food afficianato (you do know, he lived on a beach in India and once saw the smiths, dont you?) Simon Firth dropped a GIANT beam on his foot while building the course. Subsequently, his big toe is about as useless as using anything but a BMX or downhill bike through that woods part of the junkyard race. Its so bad he may even lose it. So we would first like to wish Simon our best, second we would like for anyone who may know a guy who can get us a big toe to be in touch and third we'd like to ask you to keep checking www.bilenky.com for upcoming information on a fundraiser for Simon's bar....I mean medical bills that he will be accruing as he is due to be laid up for quite a bit.

Again, Thank you all for everything. We have MANY more exciting things in store for 2011-

A special NAHBS surprise.....

As well as the Junkyard 2011 race and The 2011 Philadelphia Bike Expo. Its set to be another exciting year and we hope to share it with all of you!

See you all on the other side! Ride Safe!

Steve Bilenky
Ray Hanstein

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  1. heal up man! Get him a wheel chair to work in - works for me.... Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.