Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bugs and Lighting and Tandems

In these hottest months of the year, with the thermometers exploding and the roads melting all over the place and rim strips actually liquifying (true story. An ultramarathon racer told me) I'm impressed how many people are still out riding. It's really hot. Those of us with beards have shortened or removed them, and I took EIGHT WHOLE INCHES off my hair (no one noticed). So let's concentrate on temperature-neutral things:

A few weeks ago Bina and her fiance Justin got married in a lovely ceremony up in the Poconos.

Look! We all clean up so well!

Congratulations, Bina and Justin!

In other news, we have acquired another painter: 

Wait, that's the shop leafhopper. His name is Herman.

It's this dude.

 His name is Blair and he likes Frank Zappa and obscure rappers who sing about being chased by possums. We think he'll be a perfect fit. 

Plus, he is enthusiastic.

Remember that eyeball bike? This week I did a lightning bike: 


There's also a camel bike in the works, pictures pending. I would be thrilled if someone requested a leafhopper bike. 

This friday is Tandemonium at the track. We will be representin' so come say hi. No one has been able to talk me onto a track tandem yet. 

Can you blame me? It looks terrifying!

And I close out with a fish. There MUST be a leafhopper bike in our future. Antennae crossed...

"My manta ray's/ ALL RIGHT!"


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