Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Should Be In Madison Right Now

Because Madison is hosting the Heartland Velo Show! 

I designed this to be a postcard. Steve sent me a picture of it on a BILLBOARD. Gyahh.

It's going to be awesome-- exhibitors, seminars, and excellent company. Steve is going to give a lecture, which I am terribly sorry to miss. 

We'll be displaying some fresh and new bikes that haven't even been photographed in their entirety:

Whose tail is that? Better go to Wisconsin...

There will also be an enormous maximallist touring bike I built for my charming and patient gentleman friend that has a compass painted on the back so he never gets lost. Not to mention the goldest Motobecane ever.  Pictures to come. 

Here's that lightning bike all built up:


But then it turned out the owner wanted a white bike with blue lightning. Oh no! Fortunately for my sanity he's willing to wait till winter.

That's all for now. Go to Wisconsin!


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