Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of Summer

The track season is over and the 'cross season hasn't started yet and we are kicking into high gear. So far the deranged weather has left us unscathed, but Steve is prepared anyway:

I told him he looks like a flying pasha. Perhaps that'll be our next type of bike.


Less than two months to the Expo! This year is going to be bigger, better and more varied, with some extremely exciting guests and a mountain bike theme. Steve won't let me put a singletrack in the armory though, even though it would be super rad.

Check out the website, and keep checking back for new events and exhibiters. We're filling up fast, so if you want a space get in touch now. Now's also a good time to volunteer - flyers won't distribute themselves (and if they did I'd be nervous).

Meanwhile, Steve just got back from the Heartland Velo Show, where he somehow got stranded on a lot of unexpected trains in the midwest with several times his volume in bikes:

Very precious cargo.

The show looks like it was amazing. I'll put up pictures when I get 'em.

Next week I'm heading toff to Interbike!  I'll be more diligent about taking pictures than Steve is (Ahem).

I leave you with a  disembodied viewpoint:


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