Monday, September 26, 2011

Wow Interbike!

I'm back from the sunny West Coast where everyone walks slowly and smiles a lot (it's kinda creepy, actually).  Interbike is HUGE. I walked diligently around for three days and didn't even see everything.

There was an awesome mini velodrome,

These guys have nerve. I kept falling off.

Really stunning carbon fiber work,

Photos don't do it justice. This thing glowed.

Steampunk downhill bikes,

It's all about attitude, says Steve. Check out that banana seat!

Gigantic Surlys (if they get much chunkier they'll be cars)

Handles like a truck, but I bet it would be awesome in snow or sand.

I went to the world's biggest cyclocross,

Ding ding ding rattle rattle ding!

And an awesome social ride (the locals gawked. I guess dozens of cyclists blocking the roads off and blasting bad music is an unusual sight in Nevada) 

Thanks for the video link, Trina!

Then I rode around the extremely bike-unfriendly strip with fine upstanding members of the polo community like this one: 

This one is from Eureka California and has a daughter named Cadence.

There was a beautifully overproduced fashion show:

Gave me way too many ideas for the expo...

And some pretty embarrassing training equipment:

I didn't try it.

And then I went to San Francisco and got bitten by a pelican: 

Get this bike away from me!

But that's another story.

Hella awesome!


OH P.S. Come to Trexlertown this Saturday to buy mad stuff and say hi and take a look at Steve's Pile Of Epic Vintage Bike Parts (and buy them please so they don't wind up on my bench). Deal? Deal! See you there. 

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  1. Next year you should bring along this group.
    The you might even blend in with the rest of the traffic on the strip.