Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Epic Expo Events Eeeeeee!

Three weeks till the Expo! We're all so excited, and you should be too. Here's the website, in case you've been living under a rock and don't know about it.

There are so many events I can't even think about it (especially since I haven't finished organizing a couple) Here's a preview:


This is the Interbike one. Ours will be better.

Check out the latest in hipster essentials and congratulate the fastest urban riders because the fashion show is also the finish line for...


Ride faster than this guy!

It's an all-levels race, so you can go for speed or try to get top points in all the zombie-themed checkpoint activities. Fake blood and a passion for brains encouraged. Sweet prizes guaranteed. Then head over the river for

THE COSTUME PARTY at Keswick Cycles new West Philly location! Extra points for going as Steve  Bilenky: 

That's not him.

AND, here's just a few of the daytime events:

Bike Snob NYC is giving a talk about dirt, 
Ruchama Bilenky is teaching a cycling specific yoga class,
Drew Guldalian will be discussing mountain bike design,
And speaking of mountain bikes....

Our special guest is the elusive Gary Fisher himself!

This is how it's done...

AND, before I forget, there will also be over eighty exhibitors, a swap meet, plenty of rides, great food, fancy beer, and the best company in the world. 

Ya'll better come. 


P.S. Good to see so many people at the swap... and my bench remains miraculously free of Vintage Steve Junk. It did get a new addition though:

Oh Steve, really?

The 2006 winner was Fabian Cancellara, AKA Spartacus. The Spartacus Stone makes an excellent pedestal for my coffee mug. 

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