Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring! Flowers! Fresh Bikes! And.... No woodchucks?

Seriously, we at BCW are disappointed with our readers. Not a SINGLE PERSON turned up with a 'chuck to claim a new bike. That said, we did see a few hairy beasts lolloping around in the shrubbery out back. I can only imagine that someone allowed their potentially prizewinning woodchucks to escape and was too embarrassed to tell us. I asked the boldest escapee rodent if he'd like to claim a bike for himself, but he just looked at me like he was William Howard Taft and I was stupid.

What are YOU looking at?
Moving on....

Look! Steve is practicing his newfound love of modeling!

Should we do a calendar?

In the spirit of spring cleaning we grubbed that paint booth out hardcore. This art piece, among several lesser ones, peeled off the wall:

You'll see this in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, we promise.

Naomi's white paint jobs are going to be SO PRISTINE now-- look, they're glowing!

Dancing coupler Viewpoint bits

Meanwhile, in the building department, we are making big bikes and little bikes and nothing in between. 

The big dude is 64cm. The small one is 43cm.

We love making unusually sized bikes-- we want everyone to be equipped with a comfortable ride, no matter what height and proportion they are. Here is a custom (unfinished) bulky tandem crown for a couple planning on some heavy touring:

Pack the cast iron cookware, the crockpot, the mantlepiece...

In non building news, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BIKE? 

We put it on the website and Facebook, but just in case...

It was stolen in San Francisco, and the only other one we ever built is in Australia. It's unmistakable. Above and beyond the immorality and jerkishness of bike thieves in general, this one was just dumb. How do you resell something like this? As Steve says, it's like hiding an elephant behind a sofa. 

If you see it, lock it to the nearest pole, call the cops, then call us and we'll put you in touch with its rightful owner. EYES OPEN! 

To alleviate stolen bike related depression, here's Naomi bringing a pile of donations from the shop to Neighborhood Bike Works in West Philly: 


Happy official Spring! Enjoy the weather, ride far, ride often, and don't hit the woodchucks.


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