Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Days

Good news! That longtail that got stolen in San Francisco has been reunited with its owner!

That's love, right there.

I'm going to try to get hold of Matt to find out the full story, it sounds epic. 

We got a woodchuck! He showed up in a box! 

8 cm seat tube, we are ON it.

He arrived just in time to embark on our epic spring camping trip-- we rode out to Evansburg State Forest on the treacherous trail of the Perkiomen (actually flat as a shovel, but that doesn't sound too macho). Here we are waiting for Steve: 

Must check the email one more time!

We couldn't have picked a lovelier spring day or better company. It was nice to see a ton of cyclists out on the trail, though not a Bilenky among them (come ON, local customers!) I was hoping for more photos of us looking adventurous, but most of them seem to be us eating or lounging. 

Guarding the B.O.B.

Elliot Faust on his first tour, facing off with the 'chuck.

Miles from civilization, Jake's right pedal decided to take off for greener pastures. He bravely muddled along on the stub until we found a bike shop in Collegeville. Steve was treated like the celebrity he is, of course, and Jake was rolling again in no time. Thanks, guys!

Collegeville Bike Sports-- Good dudes. 

Once we arrived at the campsite we found it crawling with boyscouts, who offered us large quantities of meat. They had thick central NY accents and were aggressively friendly. "This is what angels look like," said Jake. 

In the morning, Steve practiced his modeling skillz...


And the woodchuck ate all the sugar...

Bad dietary choices, chum.

And we looked at flowers...

Spring ephemerals everywhere!

So touring season has officially begun. Do YOU have your touring bike ready to go? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD. 

Ride safe, ride far, and don't forget your 'chuck.



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