Monday, April 30, 2012

May 5th is the Best Day

May is the month where there are so many bike events going on that there simply isn't enough of us to go around, both physically and mentally. In fact the pressure of hitting events, cranking out bikes, and doing our own riding has taken its toll on Kasy... 


And Steve....

We don't let him sleep inside because he would snore the roof right off

This past weekend was fairly low-key-- I went to the New Amsterdam Bike show and Steve ogled Amish cargo bikes in Lancaster-- but NEXT WEEKEND.....

First thing on Saturday we'll be at the Trexlertown Swap Meet, selling Cool Stuff (Steve has an awesome and mobile Cool Stuff collection. It mobilizes itself right out of its crates and into everyone's personal space, so please buy as much Cool Stuff as possible). 

Every cyclist in Philadelphia goes here-- the streets empty completely on swap days.

Depending on van space, this might be your chance to acquire a giant, vintage, beautiful Sterling tandem:
The owner traded it in for a smaller, couplered Bilenky

So be there. 

THEN, hop in your overstuffed car and hare back to Philadelphia top speed for the BEST ALLEYCAT OF THE YEAR:


If last year was any indication, there will be a great rout, awesome activities at every checkpoint, many, many amazing prizes, and a delightful knowledge that your participation is benefitting Neighborhood Bike Works. Here is the website again.  

Even if you can't make the race, definitely be at the afterparty. Goldsprints, raffles, beers, and possibly a chance to see me dancing in public (no cameras, please). 

Oh, and we're donating a paintjob. It's for the kids!

If you feel like your Saturday is a bit under scheduled, you can always go to this in between the Swap and the Race:

I'm kind of stoked about this.

On Sunday? We'll be sleeping. 

See you all May 5th!


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