Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well the Works race was pretty magnificent-- lots of money raised for Neighborhood Bike Works, lots of happy racers, and the paint job was won by a surprised messenger looking dude. AND, Naomi and I both placed in the top ten (she beat me). Which I DON'T mind (much) because I just couldn't bring myself to eat mayonnaise by the spoonful for extra points (she could).

Ewwwww! Thanks in advance for not minding me ripping off your photo, Jesse.

We also danced like hoagies-- though not this well:

Photo credit GirlBikeDog

Not to mention riding into bollards on kids bikes, drawing hoagie bikes, counting doorways, and throwing bike parts at things. For the kids!

Now we're recovered, here are some things we've been up to in the shop:

Sexy headtube lugs

Sexy seatstay caps

Sexy custom fork/rack rising from the tank like a mermaid

Sexy custom bottom bracket shell in progress

Super sexy snout!

And finally, a bike so bright and sparkly you can see it with your eyes shut:

Day glo makes you faster.

That's all I got!


IMPORTANT EDIT! Naomi would like everyone to know that she ate Veganaise by the spoonful instead of regular mayonnaise. I personally think that's even grosser, but who am I to judge...

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