Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Crew Member! Also, Events.

The BCW crew is honored to have a new member. His name is Ferdinand and he is enormous:


Upon his arrival all the local vermin packed their bags and moved to the auto place next door. The tardy ones got eaten. He likes to sit outside and stare down the junkyard cats, who quail and scram. With the local wildlife duly intimidated, Ferdinand moved on to customer service:

"No, we won't fix your Huffy. Next!"

Once he has all the customers under control he plans to start welding. We need to get him a smaller hat, though.

"You calling my head small? MY head?"

When we're not chumming with the cat, we're planning a couple of events in the near future:

1) BIKE RACE DAY! This is when all the cyclists in Philadelphia get up first thing in the morning and watch attractive Europeans labor up the Wall in Manayunk. This year there's going to be an amateur race before the pros come roaring out, where roadies can pay a lot of money and ride in a tight peloton. We're getting up extra early to see what happens:

In all seriousness, good luck, local roadies!!

Meanwhile we'll be showing some bikes in the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center, so stop by. 

2) The NEXT weekend is the Cirque Du Cyclisme! We are rolling down to Leesberg Virginia with a truck full of bikes for a weekend of nerding out, hanging out, and riding around (Leesburg is pretty and hilly, if I recall). We hope to see all our retro-dork friends and customers there!

There will be wool.

Also, pick up one of our new T-shirts:

We like lugs.

Ferdinand won't be coming. He has a shop to run, after all. 


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