Monday, November 5, 2012

Woodchucks, Nerds, and Viking Hats

Well, the enduring image of the 2012 Philly Bike Expo appears to be this:

Where my expo at, suckaaaaa?

Seriously, that drunken 'chuck got more attention than all the bikes combined. Which is is a shame because the bikes were, as always, extraordinary. I'll put up pictures as they trickle in, of course I forgot to take any. A lot of natty people with giant cameras cornered us at intervals for interviews. While I believe my co-workers comported themselves with grace and charm, I find a camera, or worse a tape recorder, makes my brain go blank and my voice go 'Bluuuuurgh!' So it will be interesting to see the results...

Here is Jan Heine and a J P Weigle bike, looking cool as a couple of cucumbers

The Vikingcat went off without a hitch, and NO ONE DROWNED-- though a couple of insane brave lads did swim across the Schuylkill. This is disgusting, and not endorsed by the Expo, or Bilenky or ANYTHING... but they did both place, so congrats, kids. I was happy to see that the first and second place winners earned their bike and wheelset respectively by being methodical and nerdy, rather than reckless and terrifying. Philly Bike Expo-- rewarding nerdy cyclists since 2012! 

The fixed smile comes from agonizing high heeled shoes.

Steve and I both modeled in the fashion show (thanks, Philadelphia University Fashion Department! You were so very patient with us!) Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a photo of Steve struttin' his stuff. Ferdinand has promised a big, drooly cat kiss to anyone who sends us one, so get on that. 

Then of course there was a hurricane, so we all scampered home to batten our hatches and sleep for fifteen hours. We can't thank everyone enough for coming out and making the third annual Expo so wonderful. You, our clients, fellow industry folks, and just general bike lovers have made this city an amazing place for cyclists and the Expo is our way of saying thank you. There's a post-Expo retrofit sale if you happen to need your bike chopped, It's on our homepage. 


Well, there are bikes to catch up on, a shop to clean, a pile of retrofits, a bunch of neglected paperwork...


Well, it will probably happen and if it does it will be on the 16th of December. The junkyard guys are still kind of ticked off that you freakin' hooligans overenthusiastic 'cross fans bashed up a bunch of their cars and inventory. This year you're going to have to promise to behave and pay a little more-- they want to have a couple of guys onsite preventing damage. We want this to keep going and we know you do too, and the ill-advised nature of the course will remain unchanged. We just need the spectators to not destroy things. This shouldn't be a problem, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, we'll keep you posted. 

No promises of sheep, though! 

Unless you bring a sheep. And it has to behave itself too!

Happy real fall! The best cycling weather. Keep dry, ride safe, and PLEASE no more swimming across the Schuylkill. Yuck.


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