Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Notes

Last post I mentioned that this year marks our 30th anniversary- - but I didn't mention our Big Anniversary Special, which Steve cooked up. We're making a limited run of exceptionally extraordinary bikes with all kinds of unique features, all built by Steve's talented little paws.

Artistic license here-- we all know candles are a fire hazard.

You can read all about it (and reserve yours) right here. 

Meanwhile, we're at the height of build season. Everyone wants their bikes and we're rolling them out the door as fast as we can. Here's a pretty cream Tourlite about to ride away:


Here's a headbadge that got the super-fancy Naomi treatment:


It's on this tandem, shown here on its maiden voyage. And yes, our customers can borrow a stoker should they forget to bring their own. 

Note the combined look of amusement and fear. We are trackstanding. 

A team of Viewpoint riders sent us a special graphic for their downtube:

We stuck it on, sent the bike along, and by gum....

It was totally accurate!

We love seeing our bikes out and about. If you have a Bilenky and ride cool places (and you do) please send us some pictures. We take great pride in our products! 

Here's Tom and Kasy, taking great pride in a rack. 

And finally? Remember those little kittens from the junkyard a couple months ago? They've all found homes and fosters, and are just at the age when they know they're cute enough to get away with murder. Here's a representative sample, wondering what that wet sky stuff is: 

Just before she tore the curtain down and knocked the globe over

BCW: bikes and cats since 1983. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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