Monday, June 10, 2013

Travels with Steve

We had a great time at Cirque! We oogled,

Electric shifting utility bike Oh Yeah
We danced,

 We had moments of Zen.

This is right before Steve levitated.

It's always great to be around sweet bikes and the nerds who love them. 

Then we went to BIKE RACE DAY and brought a keg in Naomi's Power Trailer:

And later she rode home with an inebriated messenger in the Power Trailer. Circle of life!

We watched guys in spandex ride around in circles: 

Go team Jelly Belly!

Upon discovering that one keg holds rather a lot of beer, we had to enlist the help of the Philadelphia Bike Messenger's Association so we could take it back to Victory Brewing:

They killed it in about 15 minutes. Thanks guys!

Then we all went home and fell over.

By the way,  did you know we've been around for 30 years? 30 years of awesome bikes, weird bikes, big bikes, little bikes, and the evolution of Steve's beard.

Once it was brown.

Here's an anniversary picture. Apparently Steve has a previously unknown tagging hobby. 

I was wondering what happened to all my booth-painting aerosols

Believe it or not, we're already up to our eyes in Expo planning. Want a booth? Want to sponsor? Or volunteer? Or organize an alleycat? Let us know! Ferdinand is refusing to help this year!  Right now he has filed himself away under 'R' so we can't find him. 


So help a feline out! 


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