Monday, September 2, 2013

Made in the USA...

Labor Day weekend in Philly was the Made in the USA festival, a corporate bonanza of Budwieser and flags on the Parkway... Which seems like a good excuse to go all dang patriotic on y'all and show off a Bilenky that rolled out of the shop recently, built to a very specific set of customer requirements... (And why the heck not?)

This is a Signature Bilenky Monster Cross, a lightweight gravel-grinder / cyclocross / multi-surface tourer, with the specification that (within reason) as much of the bike and its componentry as possible should be USA-made.

Well, OK. You probably know by now that Bilenky is always up for a challenge, so here's what we came up with...
  • Frame - True Temper OX - light, strong, we like it
  • Wheels - Velocity, originally from Australia and now built in Florida
  • Hubs, BB and crankset - White Industries, of course
  • Brakes and cross levers - from Chico's finest, Paul Components
  • Shifters - courtesy of the friendly goats at Retroshift and a great product that's now officially Woodchuck (TM) recommended. Note: These are really good for touring as well as 'cross.
  • Headset - Chris King (ah, that one was easy)
  • Saddle - Selle Anatomica Titanico - made in Wisconsin, nice leather, a good alternative to Brooks
  • Odds and ends - Salsa bars, Thomson stem and seatpost
  • And the frame color - Ford light blue (what else?).

All of which shows you don't have to go (too) far to find great bike stuff. So, to all the other US frame builders and component manufacturers - have a great holiday and we salute you all!


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