Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bilenky Junkyard 'Cross, Protected by Stan's No Tubes

The masses have spoken, and they are tired of shifting. Over 100 riders are in the SSCX class so that's moving up on the agenda … especially since the ones that make the finals are also qualified to race for the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships on Sunday. Things might get serious this Saturday. But probably not.

9:30am: Gates open for registration, number pickup, general hanging out.
10am-Noon: SSCX Qualifier Heats
Noon-1pm: Men's B Qualifier Heats, Women's Qualifier Heats
1-3pm: Championship Races (Freak, Men's B, Women's, Men's A, SSCX)

If you've been to Bilenky Junkyard 'Cross before, you know times are loose. But be aware that we'll have over 200 racers for the first time ever. So it will be run tighter than a fresh set of windshield wipers. Get there early to get your paperwork done and into costume.

Day of Registration is allowed. $20 per race, cash.

Beer tent will be open, $1 each (racers will get a few for free). 
Chewy's will be back to feed us, too.
And a super-special limited edition T is fresh off the presses, too.

IMPORTANT: This year you'll enter through the driveway to Big Guy's Used Auto Parts, NOT Bilenky Cycle Works. That door will be locked. Go around on Mascher Ave. If you're driving and parking at the Olney Train Station (which would be smart) then it's easy to get into the Junkyard from there.

If you're riding from town, a group will be leaving Love Park, JFK Plaza at 9am. LEAVING is the important word there. And you want to be in a pack on the parts of town we have to ride through. Safety in numbers, kids.

REMINDER: This isn't actually a "Junkyard" it's a store. Big Guy's sells all the stuff we'll be racing around and through. So don't smash stuff. Don't jump up on stuff. Don't climb up on stuff. Don't make your own barrier. Don't owe them money you don't got.

(Words above brought to you so eloquently by Dave Pryor and posted by Bina)

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