Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season of Goodwill and All That

Dear Everyone:

With only a few days left of 2013 (OK, actually about a week or so), it seems only right and natural that our thoughts turn back to what a year it's been here at BCW...

Our production level has stepped up, as we've continued to push beautiful custom bikes out the front door several times a week. We've created some pretty incredible titanium tandems. Staff beards have reached unprecedented lengths. Ferdinand the cat is on his way to being an internet star... And we continue to be amazed and humbled by the incredible support we get from all the friends of BCW. So here is a seasonal shout-out to all of you. 

We got a bigger space this year and you rocked it. The Expo continues to grow into something we never imagined. Yes, we're already planning 2014. So thanks to everyone - exhibitors, volunteers, guests - and in particular...
...and of course thanks to Bina Bilenky for making it all come together for one awesome event.


For making it the best all-round single-speed-junkyard-craziness we've had yet... Big thanks to:
  • Dave Pryor and Mattie Bee and Topher and the whole crew at SSCXWC
  • Our sponsors: Stan's No Tubes, Red Bull and Chrome
  • Chewy's food truck for keeping us all well fed
  • Pat at Big Guys for closing the junkyard for Saturday's race
  • Pat Gaffney for good video presence and historic continuity
  • Anthony Skorochod for flawless EMT service
And to the daredevil rider who went to hospital after hitting the deck pretty hard - hey, we're glad you're okay, see you next year.

Thanks go as always to the BCW crew for their hard work and inspiration all year, and to all the participants and attendees who make these events so worthwhile... Happy Christmas. We couldn't do it without you. Now go ride your bikes!

- Stephen Bilenky

PS. Ferdinand has just reminded us that no Christmas BCW blog-post is allowed to omit the mandatory cute cat picture. So here's one from the feline fender selection:

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