Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WAL-ah-ROOOOSE yourself, Ray!

Let it be hereby stated that the all-important decision of which animal gets the honor of representing the Bilenky name was made by Ray and Ray alone-- without the blessing of those of us who don't have beards and/or can't swim, and therefore feel no kinship with the mighty WAL-ah-ROOOOOSE. 

Here are some other options, presented entirely without bias (not even a little bit.)

What about the humble Lake Baikal Giant Scud, better known as Gammaracanthuskytodermogammarusloricatobaicalensis? See, unlike Leopard Trek, a phonetic pronunciation guide would actually be necessary.
No? Really? Awwwwww.

Kasy suggested one of the junkyard cats, but they are way too snooty to hang out with us. Then he suggested a woodchuck.
Really says "Swift and sleek cyclist," doesn't it? Team  Woodchuck Bilenky!

Bob suggested Steve. 
Go Team Bilenky Bilenky! I mean, BILENKY BILENKY!

My vote goes towards the grubby and underrated possum. 
Hey, they hang out around junkyards, are hairy, and hiss, just like us!                                        

And, like us, they clean up really well...

And know how to party. 

Just sayin'!


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